In this in-person "after-virtual-school" program your child will get to have some FUN and LEARN!  This afternoon program is specifically designed for children who will be engaging in virtual learning as all or part of their schooling in September.

Curious Kids Presents…

Pod Learning 

A safe, in-person program for students currently enrolled in PreK 3, 4 & Kindergarten for the '20-'21 school year.

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Our Pod Learning will provide a safe space to fill in the gaps your child will be missing while virtual learning is a necessity in place of a regular school schedule.  It will allow your child to continue to develop and sharpen the skills necessary to be successful in school upon returning to full time in person instruction and will be filled with reading, writing, math, and science activities.  


Our program will cap small and offer the highest level of COVID protocol cleaning, sanitization and air purification. Masks will be required for this program. Each pod will have no more than 5 children with 2 teachers each and pods will remain the same each day. 

Schedule & Pricing:

This program will run 2 hours (tentatively from 2:30-4:30pm) Monday thru Thursday (4 days/week) from September 14-December 17 and will cost $200 per week ($2400 total).  Partial signups are not available and you must commit to the program for the entire time it will be offered (based on JCPS return dates) through at least December 17.  

The program will be billed monthly to have the ability to end the program early if JCPS plans to return to school before the program has concluded in December.  If an announcement is made and a return is planned mid month reopening classes for that month will be prorated. 


In-case of COVID mandated closure:

Unlike our Preschool Workshop Drop Off programs (which will go virtual in the event of another shutdown) this program will only run in person.  If we are forced to close due to state COVID regulations this program will not go virtual.  If this happens and the class is cut short rescheduling/ prorated class credit options will be given at that time.  Please note credit/rescheduling will occur at the discretion of the owners and are not available unless state or federal government requires closure of our specific kind of program.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to stop sending your child before the conclusion of the program and the state has not required closure, rescheduling/credit/refund is not available.