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Our NEW program to
help you bridge
the gap between
"parent" and "teacher!"
“Pre-K at Home” is a curriculum designed for parents who want to give their child a Preschool setting at home.  
Many parents have found themselves thrown into the role of “teacher” during this time- we’re here to help!
Whether you’re looking to recreate a preschool setting or you’re just stuck inside and just want some extra fun, educational and developmentally appropriate activities, we’ll give you the tools and guidance necessary to effectively recreate a Preschool environment in the comfort of your own home!
There are many online programs for preschool age children but without experience in educational theory and child psychology it is difficult for them to be completed effectively!  Our program will assist in providing developmentally appropriate activities AND guidance for you on how to complete those activities at home so your child is not losing out on educational opportunities.

This program will be charged as a monthly subscription and will cost $35 per week,

(just $7 per day) for the activities AND guidance.

What you'll get:

-5-10 developmentally appropriate activities per week.  This will include a variety of worksheets, projects, experiments, and crafts.

-At least 2 videos discussing how to effectively complete the activities with your child so they have a lasting educational effect. 

-Additional written explanations for extra clarification on each activity.

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